How to avoid Freight Forwarding Restrictions


You’ve found the perfect product! Or is it? 

Follow these really important TIPS that take you through exactly what you need to know to avoid freight restrictions even before starting to source your product.

What with customs bonds, hazardous materials, dumping costs and all sorts of other hidden issues, importing can be a challenge. Sit back with a cold beer or a glass of wine and get the full picture. 

Restrictions: Freightable Or Debatable?

So, the first challenge is, Can you ship it? 

You’ve found a promising product that looks like your golden egg. But before you begin the arduous task of looking for suppliers, make sure that Customs (and other agencies that take an interest in what’s coming into the US), don’t prohibit or restrict its import. 

Make sure it’s not a hazardous material, which is prohibited cargo on planes or ships.

There are many regularly imported products, like cosmetics, or anything with metals (including aluminum), that may be affected. Even a seemingly innocuous product, like colored pencils, may be subject to hefty anti-dumping duties.

A perfectly safe product can also be nixed by its packaging. Those leather-trimmed sunglass-cases could require wildlife approval. 

Pallets from many countries, like China, need to be stamped as fumigated. A mistake here becomes expensive, because the Department of Agriculture will refuse entry until they have been re-palletized.

Finally, to stay on the right side of IP(International Property) law you need to consider whether your product or packaging is subject to a patent, trademark or copyright.

So, how do you check up on your product?


Feel free to call us for help, unless you fancy starting the long and arduous journey through Customs documentation.

Search Google

A quick google search should also soon pick up any issues regarding the  importing of your product. 

Find out if IP, copyright and trademark infringement applies

You may not realize if you are potentially breaching a patent. If your product is similar to a big brand, check that company’s website for patent numbers, then do a google search on that number to find what the patent covers. If at all unsure, get legal advice.

We’re always here guys to answer any questions you may have, just drop us a line for smooth sailing directly to Amazon or any other e-commerce platform.